With love from 2011

It is a busy day for me..some dear friends coming over for dinner at a short notice.I have read through some amazing posts by fellow bloggers on Truckshops near highway; how to plan ones life;how europe is going to cope with meltdown etc. All amazing in their own ways. My post is a cliché’ and will proudly remain so. It is about my learnings from this year which was rough and roughening. The rough times roughed me.This year churned some basic feelings inside me and I tried to get these answers through a book given to me by my dear friend.

1. ‘ I’ is dangerous. Nature in its mammoth state gives a lesson that when sun will rise it will set as well and river will flow and will never stagnate.Nothing is permanent so get rid of ‘i’.

2. Love breeds fear and it is natural.What is unnatural is tolet this guide ones life.When I tried to recognise my fear on my face I fought it and went beyond it.

3. Doubt comes when there is space to create it.Friction arises when there are two or more entities.It never arises when there is one.

4. When ones survival is at stake one does not complain.But when there is safety and security we find excuses to be in conflict to demand attention.

5. In life we will leave behind experiences saying “this is nothing..what remains is a basic need to be loved” and “This is it..there is nothing more to it”.The question is how soon we come to this understanding.Either through understanding or through sorrow, the choice is still ours.

6. Three modes of communication in head to head we talk, in heart to heart we sing and in soul to soul we are silent.Head s safe for ego;heart breaks the ego and soul dissolves it.If you cannot communicate ..Please introspect-chances are there is a small trace of ego somewhere probably.

7. Every experience as lead me to self.It has not always been a pleasurable experience but I am closer to myself .

Note: Some of us might have our own learnings.Some of us might just like to live as it comes..its all good!

Happy New year 2012 with hope to live and laugh truly !

The difference between good and bad !

Recently I went to a function of a college when Vice chancellor of that university announced a 4 year grant for a very poor student. The ecstatic student went up to the VC at the end of the function and said “You are the best person who I have come across in my whole life”. And I agreed. But I was the same person who really was upset when the same grant was not given to a poor student known to our family for years.

I have contradicted myself in so many situations and for over so many years.I have come to ask myself a question..what defines a good act and a bad act?I have aften found myself weighing that any act of mine was good or was that bad? We all at some point we all percieve things as good or bad.Our basic problem is that we seek clarity between the good and the bad.Whereas if we see both rely on their own contexts.Although I think a lot on these lines still but this does not deter me from doing what is generally thought of correct in the worldly context. I just question it whenever I get stuck in a “think or throw” type of thought. In moments where I dont know if I should forgive a person or be forgiven? There is a small story by a famous visionary which helps me. It goes like :

In a faraway small village, there lived a bunch of conservative families where falling in love and getting married was a stigma. There lived a carpenter who had a docile girl.She got married with the consent of her parents and invited the whole village for the extravagant wedding. The wedding had various delicacies and everybody was given a box of sweets that was the main attraction . For months villagers remembered that ‘box of sweets’ that was given with so much benevolence. On the contrary , one night a barber’s daughter from the same village eloped with a guy from a nearby village and left a goodbye letter for her parents.None knew that where she eloped.There was no wedding, no villagers were invited and hence ‘no box of sweets’ were given as the girl just eloped. Few months later both the girls in separate incidences fought with thier respective husbands and came back home to live with their parents. Villagers supported the carpenters daughter and poured all their love to her as compared to barbers daughter and bad mouthed her.For the villagers, carpenters daughter was good and barbers daughter was bad and they asked her to leave the village. Howsoever upset barber was with her daughter, he still disliked the villagers descision. The King of the village was approached to give the descision as to who was right and who was wrong? After listening carefully, the king gave his verdict and that was :

“The difference between good and bad is only ‘a box of sweets’ that was given for the carpenters daughter wedding and that could not happen for the barber’s daughter wedding because she eloped”.

This story will stay with me forever and will guide me when my mind becomes full of expectations and my demands become unnecessary, when I am driven to believe that I am good and such an such person is bad. I will just think ‘there lies a context that I may not see, but exists still”.