Why does my work space work for me?


photo courtsey: http://www.home-designing.com               (Its not my room)

It’s a place that is my mecca. It’s where none can question me; I am the undisputed queen; my no-judgment zone; where I can talk to Bill Gates without getting nervous. My workspace is basically my HOT TUB.

The walls are painted in white with the dark wood table and bookshelf juxtaposed against each other. The books are numerous and not at all arranged according to their subject. They look like colorful cigarettes in a pack. I have a small and simple lamp. Beside it is a small glass vase with blue glittering sand and white tuberose flowers in it. My seat overlooks a window where I can see people and observe them in their busiest times and at their leisure moments too. I have a whiteboard against my table, which has stood the test of time, it is full of my beautiful photographs, cards and even tickets to my first movie with my husband. My stationary is all over the place with colors, pens, pencils everywhere. The newspapers and scrapbook of my favorite articles always open. Now most important the picture on a big white wall that sticks alone and keeps me going every day that says ‘This too shall pass’. So, I keep in mind that life is like flowing like a river. When happy moments haven’t stayed then why sad moments will and this will pass. I look at it and then return to my coffee mug that says ‘Put on your invisible crown’.

This is one place that works for me because it makes me come to life again. I love it. Why does your work space work for you?