Amul Ads stand as a narrative of the journey of modern India.


The year was 1946 when a small state of Gujarat in India started a movement to bring economic independence to milk farmers especially women. This movement eliminated the middle men and collected fresh milk from farmers living in desolate areas through numerous small collection centers. The milk farmers were then dispensed cash for the quality and fat content in the milk so they could get on their day-to-day lives. Dr KurienVerghese was the founder of the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation that now is a national brand worth US$2.4 billion. Amul was the brand that stood for the milk and the butter produced by this federation.

The greatest challenge ahead was to market the Amul butter that had been in the market for ten years. Butter was positioned as a ‘processed from purest milk under hygienic conditions’. This did some good to the brand itself building integrity but the real task was to make it communicate with India that was going through its own metamorphosis. In 1966, Sylvester DeCunha , Chairman of DeCunha Communications co-created the Amul butter campaigns giving birth to the longest running outdoor campaign. There have been 4000 hoardings so far. He coined the tagline ‘Utterly butterly delicious’ and injected new life into the old tagline ‘Purely The Best’. Instinctively he came up with a moppet a child that had an impish smile who would voice the brand. Hence was born a cute little moppet wearing the polka dot frock with a high pony tail. Hoardings were created to introduce the Amul butter for a stimulating response.

Since then Amul Ads have narrated the story of India through processions, Bollywood, political upheavals, and common wealth games taking advantage of the current situations. Some ads were controversial when London Airport Authorities had taken a decision to conduct virginity tests on Indian women who claimed they had husbands in UK. Another one in 1980’s that stirred a debate was against the diktat of the then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi for mass sterilization. Amul butter have now become the taste of India and the hoardings a way of life.

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