“All the world is an internet

and all men and women are merely  Facebook users”

Had Shakespeare been alive, he would have coined this phase than coining the famous “All the worlds a stage….”. Such is the power of social media in today’s context.We are all now a part of the users in the burgeoning social media multitude who are using technology to demand change and people better listen.If you dislike a product, you can broadcast it. A famous business magazine reported that David Cameron demanded google to shut down social media during riots, to which Chairman, Google Eric Schmidt replied with a ‘no’ through a famous newspaper. According to Tom Basson, a famous WordPress blogger, a Facebook user spends 700 billion minutes every month on the Facebook. But here I am not only talking about Facebook. No guys, I do not intend to start with a debate on our dependence on social media  or whether its a boon or curse;we are all educated adults and know whats right.We know al the time what we are talking about.So, this post is just about what to try?

Plethora of social media platforms budding every fortnight has added much to my confusion.As a communications consultant, it is imperative for me to be at the top of these social platforms.So, I have started using few of the things and I love them. So, if you do not have time..go through these amazing platforms:

1. Evernote: http://www.evernote.com- this one works with Windows, Mac,Android, chrome and all mobile devices.This is not only a note taking application but a revolutionary one.First, the download process and registration is easy.Second, one can archive webpage, a simple note, snap, url, a voice memo and can be tagged, searched and exported.I do not need to maintain a bookmark page or a separate document for archiving.The best part this if FREE as well.

2. igoogle- a personal web portal.It your personal technical signature brand.You can add your own gadgets like add location, weather,CNN news, ‘daily me’ that displays users mood, ‘google gram’ shows special daily messages,”lose it” keeps a daily record of your food and keeps you towards your goal weight.There are hundreds of google applications that you will enjoy!

3.Stumbleupon- Your personalized search engine.No it is not google.It is not about paid advertising sites. According to Prof. Andrei Hagiu, Associate Professor Harvard Business School, “The result of google is compromise between what users want and what produces more revenues.For any given search, the second objective search result might be more relevant, but will be displayed on the second search because it may not be a revenue source”. But you might want to try Stumbleupon as it lets you search content, rate it and the best part, it is all according to your preference.If you are searching on Stumbleupon, you are probably searching within a community of like minded surfers.

4. Sproutsocial- Yet another in the lines of hootesuite, here comes a social media management tool that bases its results from consumer data and lets you launch your business idea or product across various platforms like twitter,Fb and other viral sites and also measures it. The best part is that it has offered a free trial version.There is nothing very different about it than others in the business but is great tool for brand monitoring that is FREE.

There are much more things that I am trying and will keep posting, but for 48 days left with 2011, it will keep you busy.

6 thoughts on “Social Media platforms you must try before 2012

  1. I LURRRVVEE stumbleupon !! Godsend for those times when your head is swimming with numbers and analyses, and you want to refresh yourself, discovering really cool and often times really useful stuff online!

    Not as much a ‘contributor’ of content, as a consumer of it, my additions to the list would be : del.icio.us, Flickr, Diigo, virb (check it out Deepali, a cool website building tool ), goodreads… oh and the plethora of popular online shopping sites that have forced us to look beyond amazon and ebay…

    1. Pallavi, well said. Stumubleupon is ahead of google in some cases. 1 love del.icio.us,havnt added it in here though, will def dig virb..right now.flicker has been there for a while now. I just luv ur contributions as they are information.
      You must try surveymonkey as well, as it lets you build a questionnaire,good for a presentation to a mass and it generates a proper report..has lots of dynamics.

  2. Tried surveymonkey when in college – its a cool site indeed 🙂 there are so many more social utility sites – i love dropbox for sharing large sized files for instance 🙂

  3. Hundred of so called social sites die everyday and new hundred born everyday… !! The integration of social networks & media to the mobile phone has changed the whole dynamics of web traffic. some says it’s a bubble but what so ever…Pointing out the obvious, still has to reach its full potential.

    1. agreed! There are so many in number.We as marketers use helluva platforms so my mantra was to find the simplest ones for people who just want to brush up on whats latest..nothing hi-tech! Oh yes, there is lots to happen in this bubble before it bursts!

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