Just came back from the second last show. First, I am no movie critic and will not attempt to be here.Second, I went for the happiness for my 2.5 year old son and 3.5 year old nephew. Third, I am not talking tech stuff and comparing revenues .Fourth, I went there to be thrilled as a normal audience and was thrilled!

After all the years of singing ,dancing and glamorizing the big Indian family, here comes a real thriller. Something that is a spine-chiller. No it is not at all bollywood masala, apart from the “jhatkas‘ of the song ‘Chammak Challo’, sang by the renowned international singer Akon and “go home happy Bollywood syndrome”. Based on a very normal yet special theme of a geeky dad,Shekhar Subramaniam (Shahrukh Khan) aspiring to be a  for his son who is not-so impressed by his dad’s wits. The way Shekhar does it is by developing a sci-fi game, only to realise that the villain RA-ONE is booted for life. He is Live to make the life of Shekhar’s son a living hell and to kill him. The potpourri of comic romance with Kareena, who is Shekhar’s wife and off and on knocks of Ra-One always somewhere close threw me into chills. Never a dull moment. I am not going to go into details as this will not be review..you go and watch for yourself or google the story, internet is swarmed with such reviews.

As a prejudice I thought that getting the song Chammak Challo sung by Akon, was just a popularity and unique stunt to one-up Ra-one against other movies of the kind and give a grand and expensive aura. But after watching the movie I realised that not only that, the thought behind that song by an international artist was because it was sung by a superhero, which was developed in UK and off course is virtually a robot, so there has to be a unique feel to the song. I am impressed. Not to forget the Mumbai train sequence where Shahrukh Khan hops  from boogie to boogie perpendicularly was a squeaker and had a disclaimer for not attempting it was cute and useful so teens do not try to emulate it. The regular reminders by G-One , Shahrukh Khan for not smoking the cigarettes was as well a heart stealer for me. The way Shahrukh Khan,  uses his stardom to give anti-smoking adverts is something that only he can carry-off  and still looks like a part of the story.

Guest appearances by Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra did not intrigue me as much as Rajni Kantha’s ‘chitti’ avatar. There may be references from ‘X-men’, ‘Iron-Man’ but I must applaud Shahrukh Khan for making a movie as ambitious as Ra-One loaded with VFX. Another thing I loved was the Indian swears by Kareena Kapoor which come across as innuendo’s more than the real swears. Arjun Rampal has a done a good job looking absolutely spooky and doing justice to the role. The suit is absolutely going to be  a rage in coming days.

The promotions that started with just a poster sans Shahrukh Khan in Dec 2010 and then later Shahrukh Khan tweeting on Jan 1, 2011 the first poster did wonders to its A-Value (anticipation value).A strategic move by director Anubhav Sinha by releasing two teaser trailers during world cup wa s a classic example of ‘Parasite marketing’ that worked wonders. Coupled with viral marketing and a dedicated You Tube channel for Ra-One trailers  built up the tempo in just the right spirit. Not to forget the brand tie-ups with Nokia, Godrej, coca colas etc which always work right if the movie is reallyconvincing. 

 Yes Shahrukh Khan I accept you as an Indian superhero for bringing to Indian audience its first VFX loaded, extravagant sci-fi thriller, high-end visual quality that is actually acceptable. You will like the movie if you do not compare it hollywood flicks. Nonetheless it can be compared with pride. Honestly I would not care for detailing flaws as much if I am entertained.Shahrukh, I love you for taking the risk as an actor and a CEO.

I like the movie, the men and the moves !

10 thoughts on “Shahrukh Khan, I accept you as an Indian superhero

  1. Brilliant Job Deepali!!

    SRK has spent lot of money on promotion & marketing of the film but i still feel… his PR department is not doing its job properly… the wind/the media was against SRK long before the release of Ra.One.

    I wish good luck to SRK!

    1. @parag- Thankyou so much fo adding to my post! I know media always works as a devils advocate with specially the stars, so that their reviews can stand out and so stars are always on toes to woo them…
      Agreed, that PR has to be more vigilant keeping in view the financial risk Red Chillies has taken.

  2. An interesting overview on Ra-One, there has been a lot of experimentation done taking Akon but all an all i like the idea, Running now Ra One has fetched 22 crores on the first day of launch, let see how it does at the Box Office.

    Thank you for the Blog!!

  3. Love you Deepali! For the fact that you could be objective about the movie without comparing it to any other movie, for giving SRK the credit he deserves for his brilliance. I was totally on the edge in the hall……so why compare a movie with a story to brainless potboilers starring people who work their personality rather than their acting chops. I accept you as an India superstar too Shahrukh Khan

    1. Absolutely Ruchira.You were right when you commented on FB about why media is playing cheap and not giving Shahrukh the credit he deserves. I am so glad that you appreciated the objectivity that we need to have for such Indian movies..I was as much to the edge…
      Love the lines “so why compare a movie with a story to brainless potboilers starring people who work their personality rather than their acting chops”

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