This is a story about a man confused as a boy; a singer confused as an actor and moreover a self acclaimed hit Indian music composer. I am not at all here to judge the accolades that Mr Himesh Reshammiya has bottled since he first hit Indian movie screens from the movie “Tere Naam”. I am here to analyse as to what makes him so audacious in his attempt to prove himself the Kishore Kumar of modern times; as someone who is a singer, actor and writer?

There was a time that this gentleman with the base-ball cap and hay beard (to hide the hair density and baby fat on the face respectively) mesmerised us with his silken music numbers from Namstey London and then when he tortured us with  his man howls from the song “suroor”. How can an artist manage to ensorcell us at one moment and throe us on the other. What gives this sanguine man the hope that his otherwise scraggy face can be accepted as a stately and suave protagonist. What came upon him when this over 36 year old romanced a girl barely 20  in the movie “Aap Ka Suroor”?  And then the movies never stopped whether it was the movie “Radio” , whose claim to fame was Mr Reshammiya’s declaration that he has sung one song in two voices, the boon that Goddess Saraswati has bestowed only upon him (phew)…or movie Karzz, a remake of an old bolllywood hit. My ribs crackle whenever I see him being interviewed and how he goes on ‘ga-ga’ over his own musical  journey and absorbs himself in his self-appreciation abandoning the interviwer in “The strange and preoccupied world of Himesh Reshammiya”. It is most amazing to see that every sentence culminates into a sad song in his nasal montone and his fingers complimenting  his vacal notes and eyes as if they are in trance…The goal is to make ones sad day into a crackling one !

I am eagerly waiting for his new flick Damadamm releasing this Diwali.I couldnt stop cracking-up at the first rush of the movie where he was seen evading his highly sexy and nagging girlfriend played by Poorvi Joshi(she wouldn’t have given him a second look, had he not been the infamous nasal super-singing star). The song “Umrao jaan” is a laugh riot where one can do nothing but chortle at Himesh’s dippy and inane expressions, when he dances with his two hands up in the air and making shapes (god knows what) from his fingers with the whole crew following the stupor!

Not that I hate him, the whole idea Sirji is that we love to bitch the hell out of this man and love to giggle and guffaw at his fake hair and hair flaring from his nostrils but somewhere we love the way he amuses us by his bizarre bollywood decisions. He is clearly a man we hate to love!  We all love to have this Yin and Yang , love -hate relationship with him.By saying all this, I do not intend to discredit you from all those sassy”rafta rafta” from Namstey London or that total amazing song from Bodyguard “I love you”, somewhere secretly there are some numbers I completely adore. You are probably one of the talented lot of music composers who have made it to the top on your own but I just want to tell you one thing :

                                          I LOVE TO SEE YOU MAKING A FOOL OF YOURSELF ON TV !

12 thoughts on “Yin-Yang of Himesh Reshammiya !

  1. Considering all the odds, I have realized that in India anything that is different from the league even in the minutest possible way can and will sell – thanks to the rich and famous (not to mention at times mind less) alma maters of the Indian film Industry… !! So as long as you can satisfy and keep those big B(s) happy at the top, or more colloquially, jab tak unka haath aapke sar par hai – “sirji” you have all the rights to carry on with you crap and can go against the fundamental human right – “freedom from torture”

  2. and Himesh Reshamiya has got this one pretty straight…. he must be keeping all his Big B(s) at the top very happy indeed…. no wonder they have the courage and the heart to back each time…

  3. Oh my god, such a funny analysis of Himesh Reshammiya.This is absoluteloy right about him.We just cannot not notice him! I am glad you could write so well on him, because it takes some art to write a funny piece.

  4. Agree highly with Richa Shukla, as you know Richa, the world thrives on the powerful…Himesh definitely knows the tricks of the trade!

    Peeti- I am glad you find this analysis near to the truth…this is all in good spirit!

  5. I guess the song I love you from bodyguard is composed by pritam and rest of the songs by Himesh…
    Anyways… He’s always been a man of controversies… People hate him like anything and people love him like anything…

    Let’s hope he doesn’t get chance to read ur article… He’d kill himself…:P

    Nice article!!

    1. Agreed Parag, I thought “I love you”song was Himesh’s.Now I know why was I surprised to know that Bodyguard songs were Himesh’s…well yes…he is a box of controversies!

  6. Awsome blog…and its really thoughtful to choose Himesh Reshammiya as a topic….. written really well, and i must say the video was really really funny…..

  7. well said. It s a dear topic to me as well, the likes of himesh, rakhi and veena malik never fail to amaze me. While its true some people enjoy seeing them turn jokers, I think we can’t deny that a lot of ppl in the never countable population of india actually like and respect these jokers. how else did bodygaurd outrun 3 idiots in business!

    1. agreed nicheplayer…bodyguards success is an eyeopener that masses are lowering thier standards.
      There was Dabang that I loved and Bodyguard was on same lines but did not come any closer.

  8. Absolutely brilliant piece. The self absorption of Mr Himesh Reshmiya is phenomenal. First he tries to emulate Rishi Kapoor by making a laughable copy of the brilliant Karz….and now he’s releasing his movie on the same day as Ra-1! Eve Isha Deol is committing this folly.I guess they think that those who don’t get tickets will see their movies rather than go back home! I personally find the song Umrao Jaan quite catchy …..and the girl playing his girlfriend is good….as long as I can ignore the lead actor(!) Everyone cannot be a Farhaan Akhtar…..
    Where has the voice and the composer of brilliant music,as of the movie Namaste London disappeared?

    1. Cannot agree with Ruchira more! You have a point, that poeple who cant get RA ONE ticvkets willl have to settle for “Tell me Oh khuda” and “Damadamm”.Somehow I also like the song “Umrao Jaan” and thats the idea to make it catchy, go get some eyeballs rolling..some way or the other.
      Thanks so much for adding so much to my post! your comments are always a value addition.

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