Who can forget the “Zoo zoo’s”, the thin bodied white egg head inanimated characters in Vodaphone TVC? Vodafone has cashed in leaps and bounds in terms of brand recall and recognition since Indian Premiere league (IPL ) 2  when Zoo Zoo’s first appeared on Indian television sets. From Out of home media like hoardings, bus stops to conventional newspaper and magazine ads Zoo’s Zoo’s have not only become synonymous to Vodafone but have also become a rage in social media having 200000 fans growing daily,according to Wikipedia. 

In July 2011 Vodfone launched its QWERTYkeypad  phone designed specially to sync with Facebook.The F button lets you upload pictures on Facebook and is also syncd with phonebook. The phone also sends you notifications for any new updates . In all, nothing new than  any other smartphone that is synced with Facebook and the likes. The TVC featuring a teen with a seemingly hinglish style , shot like a braodway theatrical is no doubt a slick, well despatched ad film, taking viewers through the life of the lad who thrives on Facebook. The Catch: it encahses a little too much on Facebook. So much so, that viewers are in awe of the whole new imagery and comfortably forget about Vodafone blue, the brand.

Vodafone has obviously targetted 88mn active internet users and out of those 22.24 mn(9 march 2011)*, who are on Facebook. O&M boasts that the experience of Facebook is seamless as compared to the other smartphones which offer Facebook as an app, but only for that seamless expeerience Indian youngsters may not just shift their preferences.The TVC  does not give any reason for the existing Android phone users to switch to Vodafone Blue  other than one year of free Facebooking. This does not fetch Vodafone a long term brand loyalty. Keeping in view the other popular social networking sites like Twitter, Myspace, hi5, Google +,Linkedin,Badoo and other online dating sites, Vodafone will have  to appeal and position its brand as not only as a Facebook phone but a phone that entails the whole social media experience if any long term plans are to be considered. The whole new broadway style may give youngsters a good tagline to hum the whole day “He’s always on Facebook!”, but may not compel them to shell out INR 5000 just to have a Facebook experience that they can easily have on any other smartphone and its cheap imitations. Here if Vodafone Blue reaps any profits or break-even, we may have to give the credit to the Facebook familiarity and not the company itself. If anything good has happened from this ad,it is that we can officially sing a song for Facebook “He’s always on Facebook”!

All in all the Vodafone Blue may work for the company because of the gaining popularity of Facebook but the ad dosent popularize Vodafone blue but only the Facebook!

*courtsey Firstpost

8 thoughts on “Why Vodafone blue’s TVC may not work right !!

  1. The two minute plus video glorifies Facebook to the extent that it comes across as an ad for the social networking site a hundred times more than an ad for the Vodafone Blue. With the increased popularity of other social networking sites like Twitter, this phone does not look like it can be much success anyway, what with other smartphones in the market that allow you to navigate through all the others. Perhaps unlimited Facebook is the only feature that can sell this phone, which is why they’ve stressed so much on it?

  2. Agree with you deepali…the branding of the product (Vodafone) is greatly missing. however to watch is the sales FB can contribute to Vodafone.

  3. Making an interesting advertisement is good but we need to see here how much it’s going to turn into revenue… In case of Vodafone blue ad… Forget about revenue… It’s not even helping vodafone in brand recall or brand building… it helps Facebook in every way though.. everytime I watch this ad…I think it’s a Facebook ad… Only the red screen in the end reminds me of vodafone…
    Anyways… well written article… keep it Up…!!

  4. Fabulously worded Deepali. Vodafone has been a front-runner in smart advertising. The jingle is so smart and so apt coz we’re all “always on Facebook, day and night”. They’ve caught the pulse. As for dedicating a phone to Facebook…..in this age of smart phones and Google+ and Twitter….doesn’t seem like a winning move.

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